7 Prayers for Expectant Moms

Become a praying mom now, before you see this baby. Begin praying for your child's health and future, plus an easy delivery for you!Pregnancy is a time of excitement as well as worry. Whether you'll b...

May 2023

6 Ways to Revamp Your Dinner Menu

If you are like me, you have plenty of recipes you want to try, but you suffer from decision fatigue. If you are anything like me, you occasionally find yourself in a dinner rut. A regular meal rotati...

May 2023

What We Can Learn from Sarah

...when we place our trust in our Father and have faith He will see us through, He will forever be our greatest rescue story.Sarah is a familiar story in the Bible, but one that is filled with pivotal...

Apr 2023

How to Read Yourself Into Genesis

This is the first of a short "Genesis January" series helping people explore the complexity of the Bible at the start of a new year.
My wife's college roommate would sometimes tell people, "I'm a d...

Jan 2023